On the road from Trévignon to Elliant

Take a day to drive between Trévignon and Elliant, explore the Pointe de Trévignon in Trégunc and visit the Cidrerie des Vergers de Trévignon. Then head to the town of Rosporden and visit the Cidrerie Melenig. Round up the day with a trip to the Kerdévot Chapel and its farmers’ market on Wednesday evenings.


Suggested itinerary

  1. Explore the Pointe de Trévignon
  2. Visit the Les Vergers de Trévignon cidery
  3. Stroll through the town of Rosporden
  4. Visit the Cidrerie Melenig
  5. Take a trip to the chapel Notre-Dame de Kerdévot

The route

Total driving time: 48 minutes

Pointe de Trévignon Les Vergers de Trévignon: 9 minutes
Les Vergers de Trévignon Rosporden: 20 minutes
Rosporden Cidrerie Melenig: 18 minutes
Cidrerie Melenig Chapelle de Kerdévot: 4 minutes

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