A ramble through Rias country

Take a day to explore the tidal river valleys (‘rias’) of south-eastern Finistere, visit two cideries: Cidrerie de l’Apothicaire and the Bouteilles à l’Amère, then head for Pouldu to admire its beaches. Explore the St-Maurice Abbey in Clohars-Carnoët. The day continues with a visit to the Au Pressoir du Belon cidery and finishes with a stroll through the seaside town of Pont-Aven. Finally, savour the famous Belon oysters along the Ros Bras marina in Riec-Sur-Belon.

Belon marina

Suggested itinerary

  1. Visit the Cidrerie de l’Apothicaire
  2. Visit the des Bouteilles à l’Amère cidery
  3. Take a stroll in Pouldu and on its beaches
  4. Explore the St. Maurice Abbey in Clohars-Carnoët
  5. Visit the Au Pressoir du Bélon cidery
  6. Tour the art-inspiring town, Pont-Aven
  7. Wander through the marina at Ros Bras in Riec-sur-Bélon

The route

Total driving time: 55 minutes

  • Cidrerie de l’Apothicaire Des Bouteilles à l’Amère cidery: 4 minutes
  • Des Bouteilles à l’Amère cidery Plages du Pouldu: 4 minutes
  • Plages du Pouldu Abbaye de St-Maurice: 9 minutes
  • Abbaye de St-Maurice Au Pressoir du Bélon cidery: 16 minutes
  • Au Pressoir du Bélon cidery Pont-Aven: 10 minutes
  • Pont-Aven Port de Ros Bras: 12 minutes
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