Cornouaille cider PDO

Cornouaille cider: the only PDO cider hailing from Brittany

The fruit of traditional know-how now adapted to modern techniques, Cornouaille cider PDO is produced in a defined area comprising 38 townships, spanning the estuarine river valleys known as the “rias of a thousand apple trees” that make up the southern Finistere coastline around Quimper, the capital of the Cornouaille region in Brittany

Strict specifications

The jewel of craft cider, Cornouaille cider PDO is the result of extremely rigorous production practices:

  • delimited geographic area
  • orchards are individually accredited
  • limited yield
  • 100% pure apple juice
  • natural fermentation
  • each batch undergoes taste tests and analytical testing

Specific aromas and flavours

  • To the eye, Cornouaille cider PDO must have a golden orangey colour, a generous head and fine bubbles.
  • To the nose, it features a complex bouquet, with fruity, floral and spicy notes…
  • In the mouth, the cider is ‘soft’ on the first sip, and then the palate experiences ample roundness with a dominant bittersweet note.
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