In and about Morlaix

Take a day to visit Morlaix and its surroundings, from the town of Locquirec to the Cidrerie de Cozmézou in Plouegat Guerrand. Head to the seaside towns of Plougasnou and Plouezoc’h, where you can visit the Barnenez cairn, and then board a boat for the Château du Taureau. Finally, end your day in the quaint, historical city of Morlaix.

City of Morlaix
© LAMOUREUX Alexandre

Suggested itinerary

  1. Walk through the town of Locquirec and look out over its promontory
  2. Visit the Cidrerie de Cozmezou
  3. Explore the town of Plougasnou
  4. Tour Plouezoc’h: the Barnenez cairn and the Château du Taureau
  5. Discover the city of Morlaix

The route

Total driving time: 49 minutes

  • Locquirec Cidrerie de Cozmezou: 12 minutes
  • Cidrerie de Cozmezou Plougasnou: 13 minutes
  • Plougasnou Plouezoc’h: 11 minutes
  • Plouezoc’h Morlaix: 13 minutes
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