Cidre Le Brun

Dominique Le Brun Récolte manuelle des pommes à cidre.


Dominique Le Brun
29720 Plovan
+33 (0)298 544 215

A bit of history

First, there was the farm business EARL Cidre Le Brun, founded by Le Brun senior (Jean) in 1955. Then there was Cidrerie Le Brun that Le Brun junior (Dominique) created in the year 2000.

First, there was the family-run cider brewery, with enough work for three people — father and two sons — and now there is the SME that employs a staff of 20.

Knowing Dominique, this turn of events is hardly surprising: he is curious by nature, always ready to grab a technical or commercial opportunity.

Despite these differences in operation, the three men of the family have always had the same drive to make quality cider: the apples are harvested by hand, the pressed apples undergo natural fermentation, and only 100% pure, non-pasteurized apple juice is used.

These traditional practices make for a product that remains and will remain a typically distinctive Cornouaille cider.

Organic Farming
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